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Fresh Jumping Shrimp!

Posted: 08/04/10

Fresh Jumping Shrimp!

Restaurant: Taiwan

Nelson: Kenting is on the ocean and there are a lot of restaurants selling fresh seafood. There are tanks in front of fresh seafood and you just pick out what you want. I stayed behind and watched them pick out the seafood. The best one by far was the shrimp. When she started using the net, the shrimp literally started to jump out of the water! I found myself in the middle of a rainstorm of shrimp! They can jump really high and I was lucky to capture a photo of the jumping shrimp. I helped her pick them back up to put back into the tank. The fish wasn't nearly as exciting.

That shrimp turned into a deep fried shrimp with salty and spicy flavouring. I've never had shrimp that tasted this good before. It tasted so fresh and the way it was prepared was excellent. We also had a fried rice as filler, some good steamer clams (not sure if it is native to that area), some vegetables (chinese cabbage seems to be popular in the area), and a beef dish, which tasted good, but wasn't as popular as the seafood.

To go with the seafood, we grabbed a few drinks from the fridge, a plum drink and a guava. I don't like plum juice, but it is suppose to go well with seafood. The guava was very tasty and I enjoyed drinking that sweet drink.

We also ordered a steamed fish, which was pretty decent, but nothing too unique (I've been spoiled by cantonese style fish). I think I picked at the bones of this fish as well. Lastly, we had an order of sashimi. This was good and tasted similar to sashimi in Toronto BUT it didn't taste like it had been previously frozen! Either they let it get warmer before serving or it was fresh, not sure which. The unique one present was the roe. It came like a cut of sashimi, but it was made entirely of fish egg. It stayed together and you could eat it like a regular piece. The texture was of course a little crunchy. It was unique, but I don't think I would seek it out again.


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