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Kenting Street Food Eaten

Posted: 07/29/10

Kenting Street Food Eaten

Restaurant: Taiwan

Nelson @ Kenting: I walked by this stand and was instantly stopped by something that smelt good. It was "mexican" chicken wings. This guy had a back of a car setup with a grill. He has a fan behind him that blew the air forward into passerbyers. This is why it smelled so good. There was a long line, but I didn't care, I got in line. As he was grilling the wings (on a stick), he was brushing a sauce on. When I finally got it, I ate it quickly and it was so good. I immediately regretted buying only one.

Someone bought some takoyaki and we shared it. Are they always made in a grill like this?

After some pop-a-shot, I was too hot, so I went inside and bought a slushie. Lychee for me!

Kitty really wanted a fish ball, so we bought these. They were ok, nothing extraordinary.

We stopped to listen to a band play for a bit. We chilled with a few drinks. I tried the Taiwan beer and I liked it. It is really light tasting, but it is still 5%. Tastes a little like Heiniken, but that's not a bad thing!


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