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Thai in Kenting

Posted: 07/31/10

Thai in Kenting

Restaurant: Taiwan

Nelson @ SaWaDiKa: Kenting is suppose to be famous for their Thai food, so we tried it for lunch. I'm glad we did.

We ordered a set meal and the dishes came out fast. The first picture is a a patty with a chili sauce. I'm not sure what this is exactly and never tried it before, but I liked it.

The squid salad was quite good. Vineagary, spicy and a little sweet describe this dish. I finished off the lettuc.

Beef and basil dish. They gave quite a bit and the taste was quite good.

The chicken was amazing. It was a lime chicken, and it was really crispy. The flavour really pops. I must learn how to make this! This dish was eaten so quickly.

Next is a coconut curry chicken. It was a little rich, but the chicken was a little plain. We also had a cabbage vegetable dish. I suppose cabbage is popular in this region.

The fish doesn't look very impressive, but this was the most surprising dish. It had a lot of flavour, flavour I wasn't expecting from this dish. I picked at the bones at the end of the meal.

Lastly, the soup, which also had a lot of sharp flavour. Thai soups always seem to be more flavourful than regular ones and this one was no different. It had a random assortment of seafood in it as well.

A good meal, especially for lunch!


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