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Kenting Street Food Uneaten

Posted: 07/27/10

Kenting Street Food Uneaten

Restaurant: Taiwan

Nelson @ Kenting: Unfortunately, my stomach is only so big. After seeing so many appetizing foods to eat, I had to be selective in what I tried.

I recently posted a pic of the squid on a stick. Well they had a versio that was deep fried and battered on a stick. Someone bought one and I tried a piece, but it wasn't as good as the grilled one. Meat on a stick seems to be popular there as evidenced by the variety.

There was a chain stand that was selling Irish potato fries. Peculiar.

Kenting is known for seafood, so there were giant prawns available. I wasn't brave enough to try.

7-11 is everywhere in Taiwan, and they sell all sort of goods. You can see all the foods that you can pop in the microwave to eat. And then there are the pyramids of rice and sushi. I never had to resort to eating these.

Next is a picture of random meats and then random meat on a flat grill. Looked a little scary actually.

The last two are a stinky tofu and a edamame. Such variety!


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