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Magret de Canard @ Le Papillon

Posted: 06/20/07

Magret de Canard @ Le Papillon

Restaurant: Le_Papillon Toronto

dre: You must try duck at a French restaurant! Doesn't this duck look kind of raw? I didn't get to try some of this, but I wish I had! lol maybe it's not duck, and I just confused it with something else haha

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  • Duck is really good at French restaurants. You can see the fat in this picture....yum!
    Nelson @ 2007-06-07
  • What is that thing on the left?.
    Nelson @ 2007-06-20
  • the French version of tempura? it was a deep fried eggplant. Everyone got these huge pieces and then Gerald got a really dinky piece and complained haha
    dre @ 2007-06-21

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