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Exotic Fruit - Black Pearl Bell Fruit

Posted: 07/23/10

Exotic Fruit - Black Pearl Bell Fruit

Restaurant: Taiwan

Nelson @ Kenting: We took a taxi from the train station to the southern tip, Kenting. All along the way, we saw these roadside signs of a strange symbol. We asked the cab driver what the sign represented. He said it was Black Pearl Bell Fruit and stopped at the next fruit stand. We were given a taste of the fruit.

The fruit tasted like liquid. It was so light and airy, it just kinda melted in your mouth from a solid to liquid. It tasted a little bit like an apple or pear, but sweeter and more watery. You can eat the whole fruit except for the stem. It was an interesting fruit and I would eat it again, but probably wouldn't seek it out specifically unless I was in the area.


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  • When I went to Taiwan, I distinctly remember eating these fruits all the time! I called them Taiwan apples.
    dre @ 2010-07-23

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