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Bullet Train Meal

Posted: 07/21/10

Bullet Train Meal

Restaurant: Taiwan

Nelson on High Speed Rail: I looked this up afterwards, but Taiwan is suppose to be famous for good tasting meals served on trains. Lucky for us, because we were famished from a day of not eating hurrying to the train station after a late night and when we had the chance to order a meal, we all jumped at the opportunity. I had a pork meal with pork on top of rice with a variety of sides including greenbean/mushroom, taro bean mix, fish flavour pork and some more vegetables. This meal was incredibly good. I was so hungry that I didn't even leave a single grain of rice. The pork was slightly fatty, but tasted better this way. I loved the side dishes, especially the taro. Surpringly, among so much good food in Taiwan, even this meal was a highlight. Wow.


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