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Quail Eggs, Tofu w/ vermicilli, Bamboo Drink

Posted: 07/15/10

Quail Eggs, Tofu w/ vermicilli, Bamboo Drink

Restaurant: Taiwan

Nelson @ DanShui: This vendor had a special tray and technique of cooking quail eggs. He would crack the egg and fill the recesses with the contents of the egg. By the time he got to the end, he would go back to the start and start flipping them with a toothpick so that the cooked surface faced outwards. Then he would start again and spear them onto the toothpick. Efficient and quick. They tasted like eggs, but cooked just right. I think there were sauces you could try, but I ate mine plain.

Next is a specialty of the region, which is a tofu encasing vermicilli on the inside topped with a fish paste (I think). I didn't enjoy this dish too much as I don't like vermicilli and the sauce wasn't that good. One of the rare instances I was disappointed.

Last is a sugar cane drink. This was really sweet, too sweet for my tastes, but it did taste very fresh.


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  • The eggs look interesting. Did it taste like a cross between hardboiled and poached?
    dre @ 2010-07-16
  • I think it was closer to hard boiled than poached, as the inside was mostly cooked
    Nelson @ 2010-07-22

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