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Sausage, Iron Egg, Deep Fried Foods

Posted: 07/11/10

Sausage, Iron Egg, Deep Fried Foods

Restaurant: Taiwan

Nelson @ DanShui: We walked around near the shoreline and tried different foods that were on sale. This first picture shows three different types of sausages: fish eggs, squid ink (black one) and tuna. The squid ink one didn't taste much different than a regular sausage, and the tuna one tasted a little funny with a slightly different texture than normal. But the one that was really different is the one with fish eggs because it was actually crunchy! It's a really unique texture for a sausage.

2nd picture is of something called an Iron Egg. They have been stewed and air dried so that their texture is thick and the colour is black. It tastes like a concentrated egg with some other taste that I can't identify. It tastes only ok, so I didn't eat that many of them.

Lastly, there was a Hot Star there, exactly like the one at Shilin Night Market. We ordered some deep fried chicken, mushrooms and a fish cake (甜不辣). These were a little disappointing, but were still tasty as it's hard to go wrong with something deep fried.


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