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Happy Birthday Grazie

Posted: 07/30/10

Happy Birthday Grazie

Restaurant: Grazie Vaughan

dre @ Jane and Rutherford: It was my birthday and like last year, I chose an Italian restaurant to celebrate - this year, Grazie!

We started with some bruschetta.

Quattro Stagioni - Fusilli with mushrooms, zucchini, green pepper and broccoli. I chose it because it was mixed in tomato cream sauce. And I'm being much more open to meatless options. I really enjoy the pasta as it was fresh and al dente.

Mike had the Chicken Parmigiana. His dish was also pretty tasty.

On another occasion, we came back to Grazie, and I figured I put them into this post as well. This time Mike had the Cefalu - Spaghetti with grilled chicken, fresh spinach and ricotta pesto.

I chose the Penza - Rigatoni with vodka pancetta, green onions and a touch of chili pepper. This dish had a nice small kick to it.

We ordered some dessert as well - a Crème Brulée cheesecake and Tiramisu. I am not a big fan of tiramisu. I think it's because I don't like the soggy texture. The cheesecake was good!

After coming here a couple of times, I can't say that the food is very special, although it has good quality and taste. I think I enjoy more of the atmosphere and the service that is provided.

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