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Posted: 07/24/10


Restaurant: Jamaica

dre in Jamaica: There is another fine dining restaurant on the resort and it serves Japanese food. Now, how good is Japanese food in the Caribbean? Let me tell you, I did not have high expectations.

To start, we were served some maki. We were so hungry that we asked for more and they seemed hesitant to give us. A second plate eventually came out; its presentation was not as nice as the first plate. I didn't mind the salmon as they used smoked salmon instead of raw fish.

For the appetizer, I had the Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura. Again, I didn't like the batter of the tempura. It was too "chicken ball" like.

Mike had the Yaki Udon. Mike's udon noodles were a little soggy and sticky.

For the main course, I had the Ebi Fujiyama - a shrimp stir fry with tamarind sauce. The sauce was too sweet/sour for my liking and the shrimps didn't taste that fresh.

Mike had the Beef Fillet in Anticucho (red chili) sauce. Again, nothing too special about this dish. You can barely see the beef under all that fried noodle.

Deb ordered the Salmon Shitake, which also looked overdone and Maggie had the Yakitori, chicken kebabs with teriyaki sauce.

Not surprisingly, a disappointing dinner from a Japanese food standpoint, but what made up for it were the desserts - Banana Spring Roll and Tempura Ice Cream! Those were delicious!


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