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Sir Richard Gourmet Food

Posted: 07/20/10

Sir Richard Gourmet Food

Restaurant: Jamaica

dre in Jamaica: Since we got a free upgrade (without knowing) and got these bigger rooms, we also got access to the special restaurants. One of them is Sir Richard, which serves gourmet food, fine dining in my language.

We started with some salads. Mike had the Fine Lettuce Salad and Salmon Roule with Cheese served with Sweet Mustard Dressing.

I had the Couscous Salad with Seafood and Fine Herb Vinaigrette. The squid tentacles totally grossed Mike out. I ate all of them.

For soups, I had the Crab Bisque with Shrimps and Fried Leek Julienne. It was pretty thick, and I don't think I finished all of it. Mike had the Vegetable Soup Perfumed with Lemon Tea and Ginger. The lemony gingery flavour was very subtle and added to the soup.

For the main course, Mike had the Beef Fillet with Herbs au Gratin, Red Wine Sauce and Wild Mushrooms. This steak was very tender, but not as good as the tenderloin he had the night before at the steak house.

I had the Lamb Chops on Grilled Vegetable Ratatouie. It was delicious! My favourite dinner dish of the week!

For dessert, I ate a crepe with ice cream. It was a nice light end to a yummy meal.


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  • Did you show Mike the picture of the squid on a stick? Was he grossed out by that?

    What is a roule? That lamb looks good. The dessert doesn't look that light!
    Nelson @ 2010-07-22

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