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Omelets Omelets Omelets

Posted: 07/14/10

Omelets Omelets Omelets

Restaurant: Jamaica

dre in Jamaica: If someone is making me omelets, I will have one everyday. That happened while I was in Jamaica. I lined up to get my daily dose of omelet. After the first day of ordering all ingredients, I went vegetarian the rest of the week.

I only took pictures of a couple omelets, but basically for breakfast, I ate the same thing everyday: omelet, hash browns, and corned beef if there was any. The first morning, I tried this paella looking dish, and it turned out to be gross, because it was filled with seafood.

Mike especially loved the french toast with cinnamon sugar as shown in the last picture. Since he never lined up for the omlets, he was sad that he missed out on adding cheese to his omelet until the last day when he lined up for his own.

The great thing about the omelets was that it wasn't an egg mixture, but real eggs as I saw them cracking into the bucket of goo.


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