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Roasted Cornish Hen

Posted: 06/16/07

Roasted Cornish Hen

Restaurant: none

dre: We went camping and Peter was incredibly excited for his Cornish hen. It was slowly roasted on a stick for a good 3 hours. They put salt, pepper and beer to flavour and spice it. Even though i laughed at how long it took, it was a pretty juicy hen - the one little piece I got. Yes, I know I tagged the photo as chicken, but close enough...


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  • It looks black and burnt...
    Nelson @ 2007-06-04
  • lol it definitely wasn't burnt, but maybe it "suffered" too much smoke... later on, the skin ripped off, and revealed juicy yummy hen
    dre @ 2007-06-18
  • I thought it was a brunt marshmallow until further inspection! Oops!
    Grace @ 2007-06-19

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