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Top of Taipei 101, Diamond Tony's The Best 85 Panorama (Nelson's Meal)

Posted: 07/05/10

Top of Taipei 101, Diamond Tony's The Best 85 Panorama (Nelson's Meal)

Restaurant: Taiwan

Nelson: Kitty and I collaborated on the choices so that we could try different things. The first shot is of the sauce that came with the bread. At first we thought this was the cream soup, but were confused when everyone got it. For example, I ordered the Minestrone Vegetabable Soup with Beef: It looked very regular and tasted like nothing special.

Carpaccio of Veal Tenderloin wth parmigiano-Reggiano and Caper in Italian Dressing: I decided to try raw beef this time. It is hard to see, but on the bottom, there are very thinly sliced veal portions. On top there are thicker slices of cheese, with some capers and onions to complement. All of it was topped with a vinegary dressing. I didn't know raw beef could be so good. The meat was soft and tender, and didn't taste too strong, but the other flavours complemented well. It was overall a little vinegary, but the cheese was a perfect complement. I was pleasantly surprised with this dish.

Roasted Sea Scallop and Tiger Prawn with sautteed sauerkraut: The Prawn is huge. No, gigantic. It had a lot of meat and I feel I didn't eat the whole thing as I didn't suck out the head, but I consider that a little gross and didn't do it. The sauce for scallop and oysters is rich, buttery and a little overpowering, but it was nice to have Chinese veggies in the shell. I didn't notice the sauerkraut anywhere.

Seared Austrailian Wagyu Beef Tenderloin (marbling 9+) seaseond with Black Truffle Red Wine Sauce: I ordered this from the upgraded menu, which is a very famous type of beef known for the excellent marbling. It was a very good cut of meat, well marbled and no tendon whatsoever. The sauce was excellent as well, but not needed for this cut of meat. I didn't eat too much of it, but now that I look back and realize that there truffles in it, I should have eaten more. The beef was very good, but I don't think it was necessarily the best meat I've ever had. It was one of the best steaks I've had, but not the best. But I can't recall at this moment what the best I've had is, so maybe it is the best, but it was not head and shoulders above other excellent steaks I've had. Not sure I would specifically seek it out again, because the price is a little high.

I don't usually post what other people ate, but the last picture is what Dan ordered from the super upgraded menu and it is Tasmanian Lobster from Australia. It looked crazy impressive.

The only other comment I have about this place is the service. One of the waitresses was pretty bad as she was a little rude, very physical and almost clumsy. I would expect more elegant and refined service, but this was not true. Maybe it's a cultural thing, because good service is not expected or required in Asia, whereas it is a larger emphasis here. The other wait staff was quite good though. Another note about the service, the food not served at same time, which is really different from the typical western restaurant. Sometimes I get annoyed at the long wait at Western restaurants so they can serve all the meals at the same time, but this time, we felt a little rude eating before other people got their food since we were at a fancy restaurant (at least I did). One last point on service is that the next course came before the previous course was done. Maybe I was eating slowly and taking pictures, but it was annoying.

Overall a good meal and although it was by far the most expensive on the trip, we felt it was a good value since the same type of meal in a similar setting (like CN tower) with large quantities and courses would be far more expensive.


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  • That's interesting about the service you got. I find that Asia is a very service-oriented place and would expect quality service at a place like this.

    Anyway, dishes look delicious (I think I would like your course better as I don't like oysters and non-Chinese duck haha)
    dre @ 2010-07-05

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