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Steak & Snack

Posted: 06/27/10

Steak & Snack

Restaurant: Taiwan

Nelson @ 墾丁午排: We always ate near our hotel for breakfast and this place was in a nearby food court. The good thing about this place is how cheap the food is. You get all this food for just a few dollars.

They start you off with a salad and a creamy corn soup. The bread they include is extra buttery. Although it's hard to tell from the perspective the picture is taken, you get a stubby coke can, along with tea.

Kitty had the breaded fish, which comes with spaghetti and an egg. I opted for the restaurant's namesake, a steak. It tasted ok as the sauce was tasty, but the steak quality was quite low. But I suppose that's to be expected for such a cheap price.


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