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Jen's Bridal Shower

Posted: 07/06/10

Jen's Bridal Shower

Restaurant: none

dre: I was totally looking forward to Jen's Bridal Shower. All because her mom was baking up a storm the week before. In fact, they ran out of fridge space that they had to use the neighbour's fridges to house all the goodies and the cake. All the desserts were homemade.

I took a picture of the lunch (which was catered) to show that we did eat something that was not sweet. We had salad, grilled chicken breast and delicious pasta salads.

The cake was vanilla based with a layer of strawberry in the middle. I had a ginormous piece and regret not eating a second piece even though I was completely full.

Mrs. H had the dessert labeled, so from the desserts on the left side of the cake, I took a lime coconut macadamia nut cookie (most left in front). From the right side, I had a cranberry coconut square (my favourite of the bunch), a lime square (middle row), and chocolate chip cookie (middle top).

Judging from the next picture of my individual plate, I took more than I just described. They gave me a ziploc bag to stuff more goodies to take home to enjoy and share with Mike.

Mrs. H also made truffles from scratch. I had eaten one and forgot to take a picture, so here is a picture with only one truffle left!


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