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Mexican in Toronto

Posted: 07/02/10

Mexican in Toronto

Restaurant: Mariachis Toronto

dre @ Yonge and Eglinton: Mike, Lemuel and I meandered around Toronto for the day with our Metorpass/Day pass and ended up in the Yonge/Eglinton area for dinner because we were craving Mexican.

I tried the Mole de Pollo - Pieces of juicy chicken slowly simmered in our very own mole sauce. With a full, rich flavour (and not at all spicy), our mole sauce is made from over forty ingredients, including chocolate. Served with refried beans. I was sold on the chocolate in the sauce. The dish was okay. The sauce was interesting, but I can't say that I would get it again and or try to make it. The chicken was really dry too.

Mike tried the Pollo Poblano - chicken breast smothered in ceramy poblano chile sauce. The dish looked univiting and had a dinky piece of chicken.

After a good experience last time and this subpar one this time, I don't know if we will be seeking out this place to satisfy our Mexican cravings.

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