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Stinky Tofu, etc

Posted: 06/23/10

Stinky Tofu, etc

Restaurant: Taiwan

Nelson @ Shilin: The most infamous food in Taiwan is stinky tofu. You can't avoid that strong rotting smell when you are in Taiwan. I've never really had fermented tofu before and I finally got to try after hearing so much about it. It tasted good, nothing like it smells. It is a bit sour, but it's also salty. The taste isn't even that strong considering how strongly it smells. Usually they include pickled vegetables, sauce and spices. The tofu itself is deep fried, so it's crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I like stinky tofu and would seek it out here!

Afterwards, we left the market and walked around on the streets. Of course they were selling food on the street as well. I didn't try any as I was full, but here are some snails, pork blood (in sticky rice) on a stick coated with peanut powder, various rolled breads in a colourful and an interesting shape, a candy store with a lot of variety and finally deboned chicken feet. I've never seen deboned chicken feet before! That's half the fun. Also, how do they do it???


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  • All my taiwan friends LOOOOVE stinky tofu
    dre @ 2010-06-23
  • i remember the first time i tried stinky tofu in 2000 on the loveboat trip in taiwan. i had it several days in a row after that. i miss stinky tofu greatly
    PMA @ 2010-06-24

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