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Oyster Pancake, Big Sausage wraps Small Sausage, Coffin Bread

Posted: 06/19/10

Oyster Pancake, Big Sausage wraps Small Sausage, Coffin Bread

Restaurant: Taiwan

Nelson @ Shilin Night Market: There were so many choices, so we tried the more famous items.

蚵仔煎 (ô-á-chian), or oyster pancake. They take oysters, eggs and some sort of starch and make a pancake/omellete out of it. They mix/top with lettuce and a red sauce. It's a unique mixing of flavours and textures, as the omellete, is not quite solid and a little liquidy. The taste of oysters is not too strong and the sauce seems to have a stronger flavour. The texture takes a little getting used to, but it was good - just not my favourite.

Next is something called Big Sausage wraps Small Sausage (大腸包小腸). They look like two sausages, but the larger white ones is actually sticky rice in sausage shape. They cut the big one, put in some toppings (pickled vegetables) and let you choose the flavour of sausage. We picked black pepper. This tasted really good and really asian. When we were nearing the end, the bag was dripping in oil, which is strange considering that it doesn't look to be an oily food. This was Kitty's favourite.

Lastly is the coffin bread. When you first get it, it looks like a thick piece of bread, but inside, it is filled with stuff. It was a little disappointing and wasn't very flavourful. I've seen picturs of other ones filled with different ingredients (like seafood) that probably were better than this one.


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  • I truly love / hate this blog. Love the food cuz it looks so good.

    Hate that i do not get to eat all this awesome stuff.
    Patrick Ma @ 2010-06-20

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