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Shilin Night Market

Posted: 06/17/10

Shilin Night Market

Restaurant: Taiwan

Nelson @ Taipei: Taiwan is renown for their Night Markets where food vendors congregate to sell specialty foods from their stalls. Shilin is the biggest. There is so much variety and different foods here that you are tempted to try to taste them all. I went around and took a few photos, but I didn't get to try them all. The next few posts will be of the foods I did try.

When you enter the complex, it is hot. I mean Taiwan is hot to begin with, but then you add a dense number of people, open kitchens all around you and you get sweaty. The first picture is of a seafood soup being cooked in a large fire that just flared up as I was passing by. I didn't get to try this on this occasion, but I went back and tried it, so it'll be coming up in a later post.

To continue the hot theme, the next picture is of corn and meat on a stick roasting over charcoal. Didn't get to try it :(

If you want a hot soup, they had huge pots of boiling food. I don't even know what food they are selling here!

If you like to watch your food get cooked in front of you, then they have a Japanese style Teppanyaki. I imagine you get really hot sitting there.

Pork sausages, meat on a stick are everywhere. Steak is here too, cooked hot off the flat top grill. Large cuts too!

There are desserts too. I didn't try the donuts, but they looked fresh and tasty since they are deep fried right there!

The night market is an assault on your senses. So many smells, so many sights, so many tastes to try, so much noise and so much sweat!


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