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Taiwan Shaved Ice

Posted: 06/13/10

Taiwan Shaved Ice

Restaurant: Taiwan 幸春三兄妹

Nelson @ 幸春三兄妹: This is a famous shaved ice dessert place in the XiMenDing area of Taipei that we randomly tried in the middle of the afternoon. Kitty described to me that they have a large block of flavoured ice and it is slowly rotating, like a doner/gyro. There is a blade on the bottom that shaves the ice. I didn't see it myself, because I would have taken a picture.

Kitty and I wanted to try a different flavour this time, so we got the honeydew shaved ice with watermelon topping. It was a little underwhelming. I think we picked a flavour that was too subtle, and as a result wasn't as tasty as it should have been. Even the taste of watermelon is subtle. The shaved ice looked good and had a decent texture, but I have to say that I thought the one in HK was better, even though it originated from Taiwan.

That day we also had a quick drink since it so hot. I'm not sure what to call this drink in inglish, but it's citrusy with chunks of the fruit (skin) inside. It wasn't that great unfortunately as I didn't like that specific taste. It did cool me down though.


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  • no, the block of ice doesn't rotate, it's the disc at the bottom that rotates to shave the ice off...and you put the plate at the bottom underneath the disc to collect the shaved ice.
    Kitty @ 2010-06-13
  • Ah, thanks for correcting me, I must have misheard ;)
    Nelson @ 2010-06-14

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