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Dragon Boat - Andrea's Turn

Posted: 06/28/10

Dragon Boat - Andrea's Turn

Restaurant: Dragon_Boat_Fusion_Cuisine Richmond_Hill

dre @ Hwy 7 and East Beaver Creek: We had dinner with Mike's extended family. Because it was only my first or second meeting some of them, I discreetly took pictures of my own plate instead of the whole dish.

We started with Peking duck and the subsequent dish, the lettuce wrap afterwards. I always enjoy Peking duck dishes. I think as I got older, I like the lettuce wrap more than the original wrap.

The next dish is a beef brisket dish with vegetables around it. We really liked it, because the uncle ordered another one even before we finished the first one.

The next picture is a conglomerate of chicken (my favourite), broccoli and beans, and shrimp on the left. I thought everything tasted pretty good.

For dessert, they gave us complimentary jello. A red bean soup was also served.

All in all, I must have had a better experience than Nelson had a couple months ago. I thought this place was really tasty and not too slow.

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  • aww, we didnt get jello when we went...boos.

    we went back recently and the service was a lot better.
    Kitty @ 2010-06-28

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