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Queen's Get-Together Potluck

Posted: 06/24/10

Queen's Get-Together Potluck

Restaurant: none

dre: Alan and Yoon sold their condo, so that meant we all went over to trash it! But since we're all civilized adults, we did no trashing. Instead, we all brought food to eat.

Yoon cut up vegetables and had some appetizers. I literally ate the whole container of hummus. This will be the summer for hummus! She also made Chap Chae! Mike and I were really excited to eat it as it is one of our favourite Korean dishes. It was really tasty and not oily like dishes from restaurants! I think we just really like the glass noodles.

I brought over chicken Caesar salad. Ironic, because I don't even like Caesar. I purposely put the greens at the bottom and the chicken on top, so I could pick from it. I marinated the chicken with Kraft black pepper sauce.

I completely forgot to take a picture of Jay's quinoa dish. :(


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