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Vivien and Phil's Wedding

Posted: 06/22/10

Vivien and Phil's Wedding

Restaurant: King_City The_Manor

dre @ The Manor: Vivien and Phil's wedding took place in King City at The Manor. I've been there before for another wedding and remembered that there was sushi served as the appetizer. I thought it was because the bride and groom were Japanese, so they hired someone in, but apparently, this place serves sushi.

For dinner, we were served lobster bisque, which was good. I had most of Mike's too.

The next plate was a vegetarian spring roll on a mango salad. At a non-Chinese place, this was not very good. After the spring roll, we had noodles with dumplings. The dumplings were not very good either.

The main course was a filet mignon in a red wine reduction and a chicken breast stuffed with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and brie in a porcini mushroom sauce. I believe the steak wasn't spectacular, kinda average. I think I've gone to too many weddings, expecting such high quality steaks! Nelson, the chicken breast had the wing bone. :)

The best tasting part of the meal was the dessert - a trio of tiramisu in a chocolate cup, mini berry cheesecake and a strawberry tart. The couple also chose cupcakes instead of a wedding cake and I had a mini chocolate one! Yummy!


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