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Macau's Street of Free Samples

Posted: 06/01/10

Macau's Street of Free Samples

Restaurant: Macau

Nelson @ Macau: I mentioned the street with free samples of jerky, brittle and almond cookies in my previous post, and here are some pictures of the giveaways.

One of the ladies at a store was making some. She cut small squares of peanut brittle from a large block and then tossed it in sesame seeds. There was also this coconut covered dessert (not sure what it is) that I didn't get the chance to try. They would put all these items out for you to sample so you would be able to pick the best tasting one and buy from them.

There were many stores selling jerky as well and most were giving away free samples as well. I didn't try too many and regret not coming here hungrier. See, even the little kid is sampling some jerky! You can see the almond cookies in this picture. After sampling quite a few, we picked one that we thought tasted the best. It's not the popular one which everyone brings back to HK in those bags, but I was happy with our choice.

Lastly, Kitty tried some fake Shark Fin's Soup (only the stand is picture), and I tried a bit, but wasn't impressed. Why do people like fake shark fin soup? Why do people like real shark fin soup? I don't understand.


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