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Pork Bun and Po Ta

Posted: 05/30/10

Pork Bun and Po Ta

Restaurant: Macau

Nelson @ Macau: We spent some time walking around Macau. On the way to the burnt out church, there is a street full of stores selling the specialties of Macau, which include po ta (egg custard), jerky, almond cookies and peanut brittle. Every store was giving away free samples of almond cookies and jerky, so it was a lot of fun sampling all the different types.

The first picture is a display of the egg custard tarts. The nice display enticed us to buy from there. When we got it, it was piping hot as it was freshly made. The pastry portion was soooo buttery. I felt like I was eating a stick of butter. It was good while I was eating it, but it was filling. The second one cooled down before we ate it, and it wasn't as good.

At a random store I came across these wafers that had the tag line: "Choco is better than sex". I wasn't tempted to try it, since that is obviously false. ;)

We were a bit off the beaten path, and tried a pork bun, which Macau is famous for. It was freshly made and also very hot. The pork was nice a fatty and the bun had some butter inside. It was really good and I enjoyed it. It had bones inside though, so you have watch out for that. The last picture is a store advertising their pork buns and even advertising that their pork is so many mm thick.

Fun place to do random eating!


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  • The tarts are my favourite! Know where to get them in Toronto? Also, did you find it weird in Macau, where all they spoke was Cantonese and Portuguese?
    dre @ 2010-05-31
  • Where is the best place to get them in Toronto? T&T sells them, but I haven't tried it yet.

    I didn't find it weird, as I don't speak either language!
    Nelson @ 2010-06-01

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