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Fish Bowl Restaurant

Posted: 05/28/10

Fish Bowl Restaurant

Restaurant: Macau Palacio_Lisboa

Nelson @ Grand Lisboa, Macau: This is in the basement of the Grand Lisboa and it is famous for one thing...being a fish bowl. It's not actually a fish bowl, but a restaurant with large windows looking into the hallway. In the hallway there are girls working by walking back and forth constantly.

We just stopped by for a quick snack. We ordered a frog stew. Frog always tastes like a really boney chicken to me. It's never meaty enough for me, and this one was no different. We also had a fish congee (with large chunks of fish) and a seafood fried noodle dish. The food was just ok, but I guess people aren't here for the food.

I have more to this story, but won't be posting it here. It was a very quiet meal for a variety of reasons.


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