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Shaved Ice

Posted: 05/26/10

Shaved Ice

Restaurant: Hong_Kong

Nelson: Taiwan is famous for shaved ice dessert, but the best that I had was in Hong Kong. The ice is frozen already flavoured and a big block of it is shaved from underneath into wafter thin strands. Not only does it look cool, it also tastes really good. Because it is so thin it becomes airy and almost creamy, which is not what you would expect for ice which is usually hard. It also came with a bunch of complementary snacks, including my favourite of that day, these gelatin balls that exploded with liquidy flavour when you bite into them. Other sides include wafers, fruit, red bean, tapioca and jelly. We had guava flavoured shaved ice, but other people at our table had green tea and mango. The flavour from the ice itself was intense, almost moreso than regular ice cream!

I spent the rest of the trip (especially in Taiwan) trying to find something that tasted as good, but never did.


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  • Wow! I gotta try this the next time I'm back!
    dre @ 2010-05-30

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