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Duck Tongue, Fish Lips, etc

Posted: 05/22/10

Duck Tongue, Fish Lips, etc

Restaurant: Hong_Kong Yau_Yat_Chuen_Garden_City_Club

Nelson: Kitty's Aunt and Uncle took us to this upscale chinese restaurant in Hong Kong.

To start, they served duck tongue, which I had never had before. It boney with very little meat, almost like chicken feet but with less skin. I didn't like it that much, but Kitty's cousin Donnie loved it.

We had a suckling pig as the next course and it was served with these small bread pieces. The skin was crispy and salty, just as it should be and I ate way too many pieces since this portion was more than enough for all of us.

We also had a curry beef (ok), some sweet & sour pork, and some deep fried milk. I don't seem to get deep fried milk much in Toronto, but I know it's readily available.

I'm not sure if we ordered the next item or whether it just come to the table, but it is a cold green bean noodle topped with chicken. This was tasty. I'm curious how they take beans and produce a clear noodle. I'd like to see that process someday.

This may look like shark fin soup, but it is actually imitation shark fin soup. If only I could serve this at my wedding...

Sparing no expense, next was a Peking Duck. Lot's of deep fried skin for this meal, which is tasty but filling. Different from Toronto, they didn't serve any green onion to put into the Peking Duck wrap. Still good though.

Dumplings were nothing unique, but the next dish is called a fish lips. Not sure what part of the fish this is, but it is a soft almost tofu skin-like texture. It didn't have a strong taste, but I suppose it's mostly there for the texture.

The second Peking duck course was the wrap with duck filling. Always one of my favourites, and much preferred to the "non" upgraded Peking duck second course. We also had a few xiao long bao, which were so-so. They didn't break, but they also were a little malformed and stuck a little bit to the bottom. I ate a lot of these on the trip, so I'm not hyper critical on this delicacy.

For dessert we had the choice of red bean soup or the other one pictured (not sure what it's called). I also prefer the red bean and don't like the other one too much.

A great meal to start off the trip, thanks Auntie and Uncle!


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