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Start of Taiwan Trip on Air Canada

Posted: 05/20/10

Start of Taiwan Trip on Air Canada

Restaurant: Air_Canada

Nelson: I'm doing something unusual - I'm posting pics from my recent trip to Taiwan right away instead of posting chronologically and suffering a 6+ month delay.

I took Air Canada because they had an awesome 2 for 1 deal that got me to HK for only $750! Direct! So 15 hours on a plane yielded 3 meals:

Chicken and rice, where the chicken was quite large. Sufficiently saucy to be tasty. The corn salad was a little sour, but I finished it. The melted chocolate overflowing the brownie was a nice visual touch for the dessert. Kitty had the pork + noodles and the one pork piece I tasted was alright.

Lunch was a ham sandwich, which was pretty pathetic (except for the dash of mustard), but fortunately it was followed by a cup noodle. Warms you right up! We tried to take advantage of the "free" alcohol and also to train ourselves for the copious amounts of drinking to come.

Breakfast was cheese omelette and potatoes with a strange tomatoey sauce. The fruit was a little stale, but I was hungry and I finished it all. Kitty had the congee, which tasted ok and was full of ingredients.

A humble start to an adventure of eating.


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  • Cool fact: Airplane food contains more sodium than normal because your taste buds change in that altitude. Maybe that's why the portions are so tiny, they don't want you do shrivel up and dehydrate.

    I had a red wine mini bottle on a plane trip and then threw up :(
    dre @ 2010-05-20

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