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Posted: 06/20/10


Restaurant: Siddartha Toronto

dre @ Gerrard & Coxwell: What was supposed to be a night of dinner with the Woodlands boys, I was "Planned-B" by 2 of them. That left Nim and I (Priya and Mike joined as well), and seeing that the pickiest eater had left, we decided on trying an Indian place. Nim drove us to "Little India" on the east end of Toronto. I didn't know this area existed!

We went to Siddartha. It was quite busy and we had to wait for a table. I thought the buffet was good. I decided my favourite Indian dish is butter chicken. You can't go wrong with the sweet sauce. We had to wait for fresh naan to arrive, and Nim didn't like the place solely because of that. "It's an Indian restaurant and they're out of naan?" I learned that they should also bring it out to you in a basket if you specifically ask. (We had asked if they were making more and I think the right "service" to receive was the waiter should have brought it out to our table when it was ready.) That was the new thing I learned about service at an Indian buffet.

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  • Is east end little India by Samosa King?
    Nelson @ 2010-06-21
  • Where's Samosa King? We were on Gerrard, close to Coxwell. Is this considered East York?
    dre @ 2010-06-21
  • Hey next time check the new restaurant on Gerrard Little India called NITYA, the buffet is much bigger, cheaper than siddharth and they serve Naan not on the buffet as it tends to get cold and hard they serve on the table fresh and it keeps coming till you say we dont need more
    Manoj @ 2010-09-21

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