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Casey's Downtown

Posted: 06/16/10

Casey's Downtown

Restaurant: Caseys Toronto

dre @ Front & University: I haven't had Casey's in a long time. Like years. My coworkers and I decided to go here because it was really close to our office. I found the experience strange. We were served by many different waiters, so it was hard to see who to ask for extra utensils, condiments, etc. Also, all the meals didn't come out the same time even though a lot of us ordered the same things. Weird.

I had the sandwich, soup and salad combo. It came with half a club sandwich (I asked for no cheese and raspberry mayo on the side), roasted red pepper soup that was really salty and a ginormous house salad. I was fairly full at the end of cleaning my plate off.

The price I paid seemed high for what I got, but I suppose these chains are now trying to become more "high end".

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