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Told You We'd Come Back!

Posted: 06/12/10

Told You We'd Come Back!

Restaurant: Bistro_At_Riverstone Brampton

dre @ Ebenezer & Don Minaker: Having a decent restaurant within walking distance to your house is really handy. We took my parents to the Riverstone Bistro before their trip to Asia.

I had some coupons for appetizers, so we got sweet potato fries and calamari. The fries were pretty good and I liked the chipotle aioli that you can dip with. The calamari was good, though nothing special.

Mike got the Miso Glazed Halibut Fillet with Saffron rice pilaf, ginger soy vinaigrette & stir fried vegetables. The fish was pretty good, but we hardly order fish, so we're not the experts.

My dad got the Stuffed Chicken Supreme with Ricotta cheese, spinach, red pepper stuffing with garlic mashed potatoes & buttered winter vegetables.

My mom had a Seafood Pasta with Lobster, bay scallop, tiger shrimp & mussels on spaghetti noodles with rose sauce.

I had the Prime Rib Burger - Hand ground prime rib served on a fresh Kaiser with salad. I love how the salad comes in huge.

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  • Whoa food looks good! We should go try sometime!
    Kitty @ 2010-06-12
  • Where is the lobster? And they really meant bay scallop...singular, bay scallop without the "s"
    Nelson @ 2010-06-14

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