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Team Lunch and Family Dinner

Posted: 05/21/10

Team Lunch and Family Dinner

Restaurant: Asian_Legend Toronto

dre @ Brimley and Shepperd and @ Finch and Leslie: I ate at Asian Legend twice, and had similar things, so I thought I'd post them all in one post. I'm slowly trying to cut down my backlog. I believe these meals took place late March, so I'm almost down to 1 month.

For the most part, my coworkers enjoyed this Chinese food experience. We got the usual Northern Chinese dishes - pan fried pork dumplings, deep fried tofu, onion pancake, beef wrapped with onion pancake, soup filled dumplings (siu long bao), spicy beef noodle soup, and dan dan noodles. My coworkers really liked the dumplings. They asked what the difference was between Northern Chinese dishes and other Chinese dishes, and I couldn't explain. haha

Asian Legend 味香村 on Urbanspoon

On another day, we went to the North York location with our parents. We had similar dishes as above as well as Minced meat with Peking sauce, a spicy sour pork that Mike likes, and of course, red bean egg white dessert.

Asian Legend is pretty tasty and I would come back again, but it is more expensive than other Shanghai restaurants. I am still looking for a tasty cheap Shanghai restaurant!

Asian Legend on Urbanspoon


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  • I love, LOVE, LOVEEEE Asian legend.
    PMA @ 2010-05-21
  • I think there is a slight difference between beijing and shanghai cuisine as well...northern would probably be considered beijing style and not necessarily shanghai style.

    I think the biggest difference is that the south grows rice, while the north grows more wheat and therefore has more emphasis on bread, dumplings, pancakes and noodles. The second biggest difference in my opinion is that Northern cuisine tends to steam more, while frying is more popular in the south.
    Nelson @ 2010-05-21

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