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A Great Find!

Posted: 05/19/10

A Great Find!

Restaurant: Memphis_BBQ Vaughan

dre @ Hwy 7 and Islington: I heard about this place on Urbanspoon, rated one of the best BBQ places. I was excited to try it, so one night I rounded up Nelson, Kitty and Richard as well. This place is easy to miss when driving on Islington. The weather was bad that night, so I kept my eyes opened for the restaurant. It's in a small trailer building and once we parked and got out of the car, I could smell the BBQ deliciousness.

We ordered a bit of everything - ribs, pulled pork, and wings. I didn't love the BBQ sauce, but the ribs were tasty. I got a little tired of the BBQ sauce when we ate the pulled pork, or there wasn't enough sauce. I especially enjoyed the dry cajun ribs. The jerk wings were not my favourite, but I generally don't like jerk sauce. The guys enjoyed it.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this place, and will definitely be visiting again hopefully soon!

Nelson - I have a photo of the cornbread too, but haven't gotten around to adding to this post. The jerk chicken wings were a disappointment, but everything else was really good. I especially enjoyed the ribs, because they had a wonderful smokey flavour. I could still taste the smokiness in my mouth the day after! The pulled pork needed more sauce, but they helpfully provide it at every table. It's a sweet sauce, and I enjoyed it. Overall an excellent place for BBQ and I would definitely come back!

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