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If You Want A Good Laugh...

Posted: 05/17/10

If You Want A Good Laugh...

Restaurant: Brampton Castles

dre @ Airport and Bovaird: A new bar and grill opened where 5 Rivers Pub used to be. (Note: 5 Rivers Pub was the worst bar and grill I've been to - check the Archives.) The day that we were planning to meet Jen and Fred for dinner there, we attempted to check out the menu online. We came across some very atrocious spelling errors and we were very scared upon arriving.

We decided to try it out anyway and ordered some nachos, calamari and wings. The menu had some small spelling errors, but not as bad as the website. But still, they should spell check.

I had a grilled chicken sandwich and Mike had the Fiesta burger. Jen had a chicken wrap and Fred had ribs. The meal was not bad, but I wouldn't back come. There are many other bar and grills around that I'd rather spend my money on.

Castle Sports Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon


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