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Magic Wok Usuals

Posted: 05/15/10

Magic Wok Usuals

Restaurant: Magic_Wok Markham

dre @ 14 Ave and Kennedy: We had a Chinese New Year dinner here at Magic Wok. I'm always surprised at how many non-Chinese people dine here. Now, I'm not sure how the prices compare to another Chinese restaurant in the area, but I don't think their food is THAT great. Anyway, I only took a couple pictures of dishes that I didn't photograph last time. These are 3 of my favourites - dish of veggies, fried chicken, and lobster.

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  • We ate at Magic Wok once! It was excellent (but that might mean nothing, coming from me...)

    The best dish was the tilapia which they picked fresh from the tank and then served it steamed (or poached...don't remember)
    Aziz @ 2010-05-18

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