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Posted: 05/14/10


Restaurant: Orlando Paradiso_37

Nelson @ Disney Pleasure Island: This is a really lively place and a fun area to walk around in. There were so many choices and it was difficult to make a decision, so we picked a restaurant because we were getting tired of walking.

Paradiso is a North, South and Central American restaurant named for the 37 countries of those areas and features a focus on dishes famously sold by street vendors in those countries (according to their menu/website).

I was dying to try the Mexican Dipping Trio: Chunky Guacamole, Chili con Carne & Spinach Queso Dips served with Corn Tortilla Chips because they self proclaimed their chili to be really good. It was ok, nothing outstanding. The chips were oily and tasted really good. I find queso almost too rich to eat and this one was no different.

Enchiladas: Corn Tortillas stuffed with chicken or beef (we got both) & topped with your choice of Guajillo or Mole Verde Sauce (we picked mole). Served with cilantro rice and black beans. Kitty's dish sucked. The rice was hard and I don't like cilantro, the enchiladas were missing something and didn't taste very good and the beans were also not very tasty. Disappointing.

Southern Fish Fry (from South America): Scallops, Shrimp and Today's Catch with a Seasoned Corn Meal Coating, served crispy and golden brown, piled high on fries, served with three dipping sauces. This looked impressive when it came out and it also tasted really good. We were sitting underneath a ceiling fan and I think it cooled off the dish really quickly and as I ate, the dish tasted less and less appetizing. The cold oily food was not good especially since everything on the plate is deep fried.

Kitty got a sangria and after dinner we walked to a Dinosaur restaurant....which I would have eaten there if I had known about it! What a mistake.

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