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Charley's Steak House

Posted: 05/02/10

Charley's Steak House

Restaurant: Charleys_Steak_House Orlando

Nelson @ Orlando: This place is advertised heavily in Orlando as one of the best steak houses in Orlando. Even after visiting only a few restaurants in Orlando, I agree.

When you order, they bring out a large tray of raw beef for you to peruse. How awesome is that?

I had one piece of the breat starter, which although very good, was very heavy. I didn't eat too much to save some space for the steak (and not look like a glutton).

They had a self serve salad bar, and once again I made myself a really simple salad to conserve space. It was a nice salad bar and even had an onion soup, but I resisted the urge to try everything.

To start, we had the Key West Sampler: Pan Seared Calamir, Buttered Sea Scallops and Lump Crab Stuffed Shrimp "Scampi Style". It was very oily and buttery, a little too heavy for me, but we each got a small portion so it was ok. Shrimp stuffed with crab is always good.

I was saving room because I had: King of the Bone New York Strip 2 1/2" Thick: Known for richness-coupled with hand turned aging process and open pit cooking, produces the juiciest of all cuts. At first I ordered rare, but then I changed it to medium rare because it was so thick. It was a good size and looked huge, but it turns out a large portion of the weight is in the bones. It also came with some potato wedges that were clearly deep fried.

For dessert, we were stuffed but couldn't resist the chocolate cake. It was a huge slice and the outside was absolutely covered in chocolate chips. We didn't come close to finishing this.

Lastly we had ordered a sampling of Grand Marniers. Starting from the far right, regular Grand Marnier, fruit flavoured (cherry?), 25 year old and 50+ year old. We each got a tiny taste. Unfortunately I don't remember exactly how each tasted, but I think the smoothest was the 25 followed by the 50 year old ones. I do remember that each had a different taste. It was enjoyable trying these, but I'm not a cognac expert, so I may not have fully appreciated it. Lot's of fun though!

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