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Kitty's Family Seafood Dinner with Grasshopper cake

Posted: 04/20/10

Kitty's Family Seafood Dinner with Grasshopper cake

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Kitty's: Kitty's family had a massive seafood dinner to practice for other guests. The first dish was a crab dish in a butter, rum and onion sauce. The sauce is so good and compliments the crab taste. We used the sauce for other things in the rest of the meal as well.

Next was a fried shrimp dish in ketchup sauce. It was cooked until it charred and this made the shrimp taste really good. The white fish dish was a simpler dish, but still good.

For vegetables, an oyster mushroom with tofu and chinese vegetables was served along with a shittake and chinese cabbage platter. To finish off the seafood, there was a dish of clams with black bean sauce. So much good seafood!

I brought dessert called a grasshopper mint chocolate cream pie. I bought it because I've never heard of a dessert called grasshopper pie. It's not actually made of grasshoppers and is actually a pretty standard cream pie with mint flavour.


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  • the shrimps and the mushroom tofu dish look awesome!
    dre @ 2010-04-20

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