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Transylvania Club for Oktoberfest

Posted: 04/10/10

Transylvania Club for Oktoberfest

Restaurant: Kitchener_Waterloo Transylvania_Club

Nelson @ Transylvania Club: What a cool name for a club, but if you are from the region, you probably wouldn't think twice about the name. We went here for Oktoberfest and the crowd was a older than what I am used to.

I had the extra meat deal with not only a huge schnitzel (only ok, too thin) but a cabbage roll with pototoes, rye, pickles and sauerkraut. It was a hearty meal, not that great, but good enough to soak up all the alcohol. Dessert was an apple strudel, which was also very heavy, not too sweet, but still good.

This was the first night of Oktoberfest and to kick off the festivites, the city officials and the oktoberfest mascot came around to the different halls, gave a short speech and tapped a keg. It was really lively and we rushed towards the free beer and got a free cup! But unfortunately it was non-alcoholic beer, probably because giving away free beer is illegal. Then immediately after, dancers came in and gave a performance. You can see the girls being swung around by the (large) guys. So fun!


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  • wow! this place looks fun!! where is it?
    mike @ 2010-04-12
  • It's in Kitchener, King & Wellington by the hospital. I would recommend another place for Oktoberfest though.
    Nelson @ 2010-04-12

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