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Emerald Pots

Posted: 04/06/10

Emerald Pots

Restaurant: Emerald_Chinese_Restaurant Mississauga

Nelson @ Emerald: My family goes here because it is close to our home and is decent. This time for some reason my parents decided to order dishes we don't usually try, namely, steamed pots.

But first, they started with a soup that was very meaty. The first pot had tofu skin and fish. Then we followed that with another fish, a steamed fish. The next pot was tofu and chicken. The dessert was one of my favourites, taro with tapioca.

I suppose eating the pots are healthier, but they aren't quite as tasty as deep fried or even fried. But they sound easy to make at home, so maybe I should learn how to make them.

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  • wow... I haven't been to Emerald for about 20 years...
    dre @ 2010-04-06

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