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Japanese Kit Kat Flavours

Posted: 04/02/10

Japanese Kit Kat Flavours

Restaurant: none

Nelson: Jeff brought back some Kit Kat's back from Japan because they had unique flavours.

The one on the left is soy sauce flavour, which they got from one special store (the flavour). It did kinda taste like soy sauce, but instead of salty it was sweet. The one in the middle is Lemon Vinegar, which mostly tasted lemony, not vinegary. The one on the right is strawberry cheesecake, which tasted pretty good, but not too unique. There was also green tea flavour as well, but I didn't deem it to be unique enough to take a photo.


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  • A friend brought us back a savoury Kit Kat from Japan - I can't remember what it was exactly, but it was definitely some sort of was nasty man!
    Ally @ 2011-11-15

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