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Fro-Yo in Cali

Posted: 04/19/10

Fro-Yo in Cali

Restaurant: Los_Angeles San_Jose Yogurtland Yogurt_Twist

dre in California: I'm waiting for this phenomenon to hit Toronto soon - Frozen Yogurt!

Basically, you get a cup, fill it with different flavoured frozen yogurt (you can use these small cups to try the flavours before you commit), then top off with toppings, weigh the thing and pay!

The first time, we were at Yogurtland in LA. I had taro and some berry tart flavours, which I added cookie dough, Kit Kat, almond shavings and blueberries. Mike tried other flavours and topped his off with fruit and coconut shavings.

Yogurtland on Urbanspoon

When we got back to San Jose, we begged Warren to take us to eat frozen yogurt, and he took us to a Chinese run place called Yogurt Twist. Same concept, same price and we pretty much got the same things again. (Except I got blueberry and cherry yogurt instead).

Each of my cups came up to about $2! Much better than Yogen Fruz' $3.50 for a small cup with no toppings.

Yogurt Twist on Urbanspoon


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  • Looks fun and appetizing! Can't wait until Toronto gets one :)
    Nelson @ 2010-04-19
  • Apparently there is one place like this at Pacific Mall. I think it only has 4 flavours of yogurt, but I wouldn't mind trying it out the next time I'm there.
    dre @ 2010-04-19
  • I was just there last weekend. I didn't see it, but I will try it if I go there again.
    Nelson @ 2010-04-19

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