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Prime Rib in Beverly Hills

Posted: 04/11/10

Prime Rib in Beverly Hills

Restaurant: Lawrys Los_Angeles

dre in Beverly Hills: Dara made reservations at Lawry's The Prime Rib. They only serve prime rib, one of my favourite types of steak!

We were served "spinning salad", where our waitress spun a bowl and poured salad dressing from high. I suppose this theatrical performance helps mix the dressing? The salad didn't taste any more special as if I were to mix it myself. In fact, I would have preferred to mix in my own salad dressing to control the portion.

Finally, the good stuff. There's 2 or 3 carts going around the restaurant to cut the prime rib for you. We all got The Lawry Cut, which is the size you see here. The steak came with mashed potatoes and gravy and Yorkshire pudding. I thought it also came with the corn when they asked if I wanted any, and Mike, fully knowing that it was extra, also got creamed spinach. Each of those sides were a ballin' $6 each haha. I made sure I ate it all up!

The steak was very good and I was glad for this experience. Although next time I will pass on the corn. :)

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  • Prime rib is one of my favourites as well and seeing them in the cart looks spectacular! Those carts are huge! Did they really cart those around?

    The spinning salad looks a litle gimicky, but I guess it can't hurt the experience. It's also a pet peeve of mine when there is too much salad dressing...I find that the worst offender is usually caesar salad.
    Nelson @ 2010-04-11
  • HAHA $6 CORN!
    mike @ 2010-04-12

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