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 Late Lunch at Universal Studios

Posted: 04/09/10

Late Lunch at Universal Studios

Restaurant: Flintstones_Bar-B-Q Los_Angeles

dre in Universal City, CA: Universal Studios Hollywood wasn't any different than any other theme park - meaning overpriced restaurants and fast food joints. We walked around the place (and it wasn't very big) to find that a lot of the eateries were closed. February is considered low-season, and there weren't that many people in the park anyway.

We prolonged eating lunch until around 2:30pm and decided that the best deal was going to the Flintstone's Bar-B-Q. Knowing that we were going to be eating a big dinner that night, we shared a half chicken that came with baked potato, coleslaw and a corn muffin. The best part was the 10% off discount we also got with our CAA card, which brought the total to $8. Not bad for a theme park meal! The food satisfied us and kept us going until dinner time.


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  • Is a corn muffin just corn bread?
    Nelson @ 2010-04-09
  • yes....but in muffin form :)
    dre @ 2010-04-09

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