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Mexican in Fresno

Posted: 04/03/10

Mexican in Fresno

Restaurant: Antonios_Mexican_Restaurant Fresno

dre in Fresno, California: After a day of hiking, we were craving some Mexican food. The advertisements in our hotel room pointed us to go to Antonio's and after checking some reviews online, we went there. It was already late in the evening, around 8:30 pm, so most of the dinner rush was gone and by the time we finished our dinner, we were the last ones in the restaurant.

They served us free chips with salsa.

I had the 2 item combo - Chili Relleno and Burrito with shredded beef. It came with fried rice and refried beans. Mike had 2 large chimichangas, one with chicken and the other ground beef. This place was all right, not the best Mexican food I've had. We found the dishes a little bland. However, the portions were large and service was really good! The kitchen might have been having an off day or preparing to close for the night.

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