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Posted: 03/29/10


Restaurant: Second_Cup Tim_Hortons

Nelson @ Second Cup & Tim Hortons: Tim Hortons had a charity drive to raise money by selling smile cookies (all proceeds going to local charities). I was "happy" to oblige.

Another time I was at Second Cup and picked this Chocolate turnover that weighed as much as a brick. The chocolate was so heavy and thick on the inside that it made it difficult to eat without some water. Even though it was so rich, I can't resist chocolate in a pastry. I felt so full that I skipped dinner, but then pigged out on junk food at Karaoke later that night.


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  • who ate the nose?!
    dre @ 2010-03-29
  • The nose wasn't there to begin with, I don't think they are suppose to have noses, but mine had a splotch. Maybe the worker put one on, realized they aren't suppose to have any and then removed it.

    No, the steering wheel just happened to be where I was when I took the picture.
    Nelson @ 2010-03-30

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