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Posted: 03/25/10


Restaurant: Tomoya Vancouver

Nelson @ Tomoya: Back in Burnaby for another Japanese meal, but this time with Matt and Sam. This was a lunch, and they only charged 7.95 per person for three dishes, $9.95 for four. It felt like we were at AYCE since we ordered so many dishes!

To start, the Takoyaki (I think this is the first time I've tried it), masago (flying fish egg sushi), agesashi Tofo (never knew the Japanese name), Salmon and Shrimp sushi, Eel on rice, Toro sushi (didn't taste as good as Sushi Garden), Spicy Mayo Prawn and Pork cutlet on rice, salmon sashimi, chopped scallop roll, crab roll, seaweed salad, toro sashimi and spicy salmon sashimi.

Maybe not as good quality as Sushi Garden, but great quantity so it was a good lunch!

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  • I miss the jap food!
    Kitty @ 2010-03-25

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